Hernia Products

       PEAN is sells hernia meshes, of various materials and for different types of procedures, as well hernia fixators.

      THT BIO-SCIENCE has now developed a hi-tech diversified biomedical industry out of its two centuries old core business. As a major independent player in the design, research, production and sale of surgical implants, THT BIO-SCIENCE is relied on by the medical world to develop highly technical solutions to answer the increasingly complex requirements of modern surgery.

      The quality and safety of devices have always been considered has top priority. The company complies with the very highest levels of certification requirements and anticipates constantly thanks to a proactive process within each department.

      THT BIO-SCIENCE designs complete ranges of innovating practical solutions which prove their efficiency to patients and medical teams by never ceasing to be safe and reliable after years of use. Our ongoing upstream and downstream monitoring system confirms the excellence of our overall approach.